Newton's Dark Room was formed sometime in the 1600's. It started when Atticus Alabass saw his neighbor performing some strange experiments across the street. This neighbor was none other than Sir Issac Newton.


Newton was conducting an experiment to find the nature of light and color. He blocked out all of the light sources in his room except for a small beam of light he filtered through a prism. The light split into seven colors...

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indico, and Violet.

Atticus saw these colors displayed on the sheets covering Newton's windows. Stupefied, Atticus approached his neighbor and asked him about the experiments. The beauty and complexity contained in the bland shell of white light inspired him.

Atticus sold all of his possessions and bought a small coach, a donkey, several colored paints, and a handful of canvases. It was with these belongings that Atticus began his travels.

While he painted a variety of subjects, Atticus's most prolific pieces were all seen through a magnifying glass. He was fascinated with the designs of the minute, things too small for most to appreciate. He expanded these designs in his paintings, allowing for the layman to enjoy the detail. Atticus moved from town to town, finding subjects, painting them, and selling his work.

In one of these towns, Atticus stumbled on a poster for Tur-Toise the Terrific. Tur-Toise was a magician who had a show just before sundown the next day. Atticus decided to attend this show.

The next day, Tur-Toise claimed that he had mastered control over the colors and could make them appear out of nowhere. He brought a prism on stage and pulled down a satin curtain on the back wall, revealing a beam of light that the prism split into a rainbow. Everyone was captivated, except for Atticus.

Atticus confronted Tur-Toise after the show and accused him of stealing the research of his neighbor. Tur-Toise was unfazed. As the two talked, Atticus realized the nature of the magician.

Tur-Toise, like Atticus, was a wandering artist. The magician, however, rarely left of his own accord. While at night he was an astounding showman, during the day he was what most would call a scientist. He would discover new technologies and concepts but instead of publishing his work for the scientific community, he would turn his findings into a dazzling stage show. The led many to believe that Tur-Toise was stealing other's discoveries. This made it hard for him to stay in one place for too long.

The two artists bonded that night over their love for revealing an unseen perspective of the world. The next morning, they decided to travel the countryside together.

This was the start of Newton's Dark Room. They outfitted the coach with a foldable stage and began performing shows and selling paintings in towns. Along the way, they picked up others. Musicians, sculptors, thespians, and writers. They worked as a traveling collective for some time until they eventually set up in a permanent residence.

Tur-Toise continued his scientific and staged endeavors. There was always debate among the members as to whether he was a conniving, brilliant, or connected to actual magical sources.

Eventually, decades later, Atticus passed away of old age leaving Tur-Toise as the only surviving founder of Newton's Dark Room. Tur-Toise is still a member of the organization to this day.

In the years following Atticus's death, Newton's Dark Room took on many different forms. It was always adapting and growing with the latest technologies. Sometimes it wandered the Earth like it's early days. Other times it would reside in one location. As communications improved, NDR's members became more and more spread across the world.

Newton's Dark Room still exists as a collective. Most members live in a commune on an island west of the United States. It was named Calisland. The collective exists in the abandoned remains of a suburban community built there in the late 70's.

Many other members exist across the world and across the universe, collaborating and contributing in any way that they can.

Upon finally entering the internet age at the start of 2018, NDR appointed The Curator as someone to assist in organizing and presenting NDR's art to the world. A young member named Talon Stradley was given this position, which he holds to this day.

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