Lank & Opraman Housing Construction

The Suburbia of the Future

Once there was a construction company. Lank and Opraman Housing Construction was owned by Opal Lank and Frank Opraman. Lank was a fantastic computer programer and Opraman was an established architect. Together, the two of them merged the technology of the future with the beauty of the past to create innovative housing. 


Their crowning achievement was an island suburban community populated entirely by the first smart houses. They called it, Calisland. The houses were all log cabins, Opraman’s contribution. Next to each house was a wooden shed. This held the house’s AI. This was the early stages of computing so the computers were large burly things, wires everywhere, almost as big as the house itself. These AI’s would serve the household, helping them with chores and calendars. Soon, the AI was viewed not just as a tool, but as a member of the family.


This made it especially difficult when the families would move away from Calisland. The flow of families slowed as more began finding a permanent residence in the neighborhood of tomorrow. All was well on Calisland. That was until the Summer of ’79 when the cooling system for the AI’s broke down. The AI’s were large and crude, the required this cooling system. Without it, some of the older models began letting off large sparks. This did not pair well with the natural wooden material of the community. Soon, a fire ravaged through the suburbs. The firefighting crew was just as reliant on the AI’s as the rest of the community. This greatly slowed first response attempts. Many of the houses were destroyed, charred husks of what they were. Nearly the entire community perished. A few groups of survivors managed to take the only boats back to the mainland. Most others perished. There were only two survivors were left on the island, both children. One was Amelia and the other was Steve. They were left alone on the island, among the remains of a once happy community. They began forging through the wreckage for food. They built a life for themselves there. They did not do it alone however, there was one functional AI, AI 4-82. AI 4-82 began assisting the young survivors. Maintaining the house while they were away, preparing meals, and keeping watch. As the two grew older and the AI grew slower, they began watching over it. They would take pieces and bits from the other AI’s and used it to fix AI 4-82. They were the last family of the last neighborhood of the future. 


That’s where we found them. We were looking for a place to set up our headquarters. After the fire, the Calisland property was sold to Cible Civil Engineering who proceeded to promptly forget about it. Years later, Newton’s Dark Room purchased the property. We were shocked to find two human beings living in the charcoal wasteland of Calisland. Naturally, we hired them. They now work as the caretakers of Calisland. They continue to maintain the land the AI’s and are a beloved and respected members of the collective.

© 2019 Talon Stradley