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Introducing: Playplace

Talon: Hi, I’m Talon Stradley of Newton’s Dark Room and I spent this last weekend doing something a little dramatic, and intense.

Brandon: Out of nowhere, in a a matter of minutes, we were just completely obliterated.

Talon: And it wasn’t just me, either. It was sixteen… MILLION other people, across the entire planet.

Andrew: There was a tiger tail, also owned by the Swedes.

Talon: All gathering together over four days to place millions, and millions, and millions… of pixels.

This is the story of r/place, a lawless, sprawling internet canvas and the small community trying to find a home amidst rogue Swedish operatives, robotic legions, and one tragic Bandana Dee.

This is Playplace. Over the course of three episodes, we’ll document the battles our small community fought to try and get our little yellow console on the final r/place canvas. Were we successful? You’ll have to listen to the show and find out.

Playplace, new episodes weekly every Friday starting on April 15th. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts or by visiting

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