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Soapboxers S1 Trailer

Shaw: Yes Bro, Yes!

Shaw: So Welcome to the 2021-22 Forensics Year.

Talon: Hi, and welcome to Soapboxers. A fly-on-the-wall podcast about speech and debate.

Shaw: Anytime I’ve explained speech and debate to people and they’re like “Wait, that’s what you do?

Student 1: But I never thought it was going to be as extensive as this.

Talon: Yeah, it’s not just debating, its impromptu, dramatic interpretation, platform speaking.

Hannah: If you have no idea what that means, that’s ok.

Talon: Yeah, that’s what this podcast is here for. To teach you about speech and debate. And not just by telling you about it, but bringing you along the orange coast college team as they compete in their fall semester.

Jimmy: Weird, but I’m down.

Student 2: Maybe it’s about time a lot of people see that.

Talon: New episodes come out every week following the real time journey of the team as they take on a new forensics director and prepare for their first in-person tournaments in over a year.

Shaw: If you’re sitting there and you’re thinking like, this is way too much for me—

Talon: That’s ok! We’ll break it down for you and by the end of the show you will be a speech and debate master.

Shaw: I promise you, if you commit to this, the amount that you put in, you will get out tenfold.

Talon: And it’s fun!

Hannah: It’s so fun that—

Shaw: We came back and made it our lives.

Hannah: Yeah, like, we made it our life.

Student 3: That shows you how much I love this team.

Talon: This is Soapboxers. New episodes every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.

Shaw: By the way! Don’t hide this from your friends, tell your friends!

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