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Hi, my name is Talon Stradley and I'm a recording arts student at Cal State Dominguez Hills. I have long been in love with audio in all it's forms. I've made music, podcasts, hosted live shows, and more under the Newton's Dark Room banner.


Now I'm ready to record your music.


I am a big advocate for process and presentation. Calisland Cassettes is a combination of these two elements.


You will create a different song on our 8-track recorder than you would on a computer. Your listeners will have a different experience putting a cassette in a machine than they would pressing play on Spotify.


Cassettes showcase your art, so let's get creative.



Calisland Cassettes offers a mobile recording setup for all kinds of recording needs.


The core of our kit is a Tascam 688 mixer/8-track recorder. We use this to record your music directly to Maxell XII Type II cassettes. After that, the songs can either be mixed on the console or exported to Pro Tools for digital mixing.


This isn’t your normal studio, this is DIY tape. It is going to offer you a recording experience unlike recording in a professional studio or on your laptop. Remember, we like the process of creation. Record with Calilsand Cassttes and see what tape can do for your process.


We offer recording for EP’s, demos, live shows, bonus tracks, alternate takes, and just about anything you else you might have in mind. We love experimenting, so if you have an idea for our analogue recorders, let us know.




Calisland Cassettes offers tape duplication.


Give your fans something tangible and unique by releasing your music on cassette. Perfect for selling at shows, on Bandcamp, or as a special limited edition run. Cassettes come in a variety of colors to give your music the perfect feel. 


Each cassette comes with a hand-cut J-card. Orders of 10+ also come with a custom rubber stamp of your band or album name that we use to mark the cassettes.


Cassettes are perfect for slipping in extra goodies like stickers, pins, art books, and even linocuts. We can help you put any of this together to get the most out of your cassette release.


No minimum orders required. If you want to put out a cassette, we can help make that happen.


Email us HERE to get a quote.




Calisland Cassettes offers package design, band branding, and EPK construction. 


We can help you make sure your release looks as good as possible while also incorporating your own art and inspiration. Whether that means formatting your design for J-Cards, making something from scratch, or helping you put together an EPK to submit to music blogs.


With social media being such a large marketing tool for independent artists, it’s important that you present your art in a way that is engaging, impactful, and creative. We can help you get there.


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